Snapshot Explorer 2

Above you see the Windows Explorer on the virtual drive.

The virtual drive behaves in most respects like a real, write protected drive, similar to a (big) CD-ROM.
Additionally, especially for NTFS, all file attributes like ownership, security, encryption etc.
will be identical to the original drive.

You can mount up to 5 different images at the same time

You can use any Windows (or DOS) Program to compare, copy or directly use the data on the virtual drive.

To the right, you see the status display with some info about the image you are viewing.

Clicking the [Unmount] button will remove the virtual drive from the system.

If you have installed Drive Snapshot, Drive Snapshot will be the default viewer for files of type '.SNA'; double-clicking on a .SNA file will automatically mount the virtual drive, and start windows Explorer.

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