Restoring the system drive using a Windows 8 Setup DVD

You can use a Windows Setup  DVD (windows 7 or younger) to boot your system and restore your system drive.

If you don't need additional (disk-) drivers

after booting, in picture 1, select your language, and keyboard layout.

press Shift-F10, and you are on the command prompt ('Dos Box').

navigate to your directory where snapshot.exe is located (best your USB drive where also your images are located), and start snapshot.exe.

If you get an error 'the required subsystem is not available', you have a 64-bit setup environment, and need to use the (64-bit) snapshot64.exe instead of 32-bit snapshot.exe.

if you need networking support, you can start the network stack with

    wpeutil initializenetwork

Picture 1: select language, then proceed with Shift-F10


if you need additional disk drivers

select language, then [next]



choose Troubleshoot


now Advanced options



System Image Recovery










Now you can add additional drivers. When finished click on Cancel until you see the following dialog.


Now you can press SHIFT-F10 to open a command shell.


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