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Next, you select the drive you want to restore.

Warning: All current available data will be lost forever.
If you need any data from this drive, please save them before restoring the drive.

If you want to restore to a different drive then the original one, the partition size (PartSize) has to be larger or equal to the drive size; currently there is no resize of the disk.

First, you select the disk image file to be restored.
To aid you, all known properties about the image at creation time are shown.

After selecting the drive, please click  [Next] 

Additional, you have (by using the right mouse click) the following options for managing the disk:

Right click on [HD1]

Restore Partition Structure: deletes the existing partitioning, and repartitions the disk like the original one; includes restoring the MBR

Restore MBR: restores just the first sector of the disk

CheckBoot:  unfortunately, even 2007 some boot sector still use CHS addressing.
If the original CHS translation is different from the new one, these leads to a non-booting disk.
Detects and corrects some problems with not booting disks.

Clean Disk: effectively erases the complete disk by cleaning the disks first sector (MBR).

Clean Disk Signature/Restore Disk Signature: a 32 Bit number in the MBR, which is used by some Windows components to re-identify disks.
initialised to some random number by disk manager.

Right Click on a volume (C:)

Restore: restores the volume

Assign Drive Letter:  if the volume doesn't have a drive letter, you can assign one (useful for Windows 2003)

Open: starts the volume in Explorer

Properties: starts the drive properties dialog

Grow Partition: (only available for NTFS) if the file system is smaller then the partition, or there's free space behind the partition, you can increase the size

Delete Partition: deletes the partition

Activate/Deactivate Partition: sets or clears the active flag

right click on free space: creates primary/extended/logical partitions


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