Snapshot - Remote Backup

As a System administrator, keeping disk images for many computers current can be quite time consuming.

Due to Drive Snapshot's easy command line interface, this can be done much more easily.

Using RLOGIN/RCONSOLE from the Windows NT Resource pack, or the ingenious PSEXEC utility from Sysinternals, you can easily automate this process, or control it from your own working place.
Example for PSEXEC: 

    C::\>PSEXEC  \\userComputer -u administrator -p AdminPasswd 
            -c -f -h c:\Programme\snapshot\Snapshot.exe C: \\Server\Backup\user\C-drive.SNA

This will:
login to the computer 'Usercomputer' as an administrator (required); copy Snapshot.exe to the other computer, and start a backup of the C:-drive to some space on your \\Server.

Please see PSEXEC documentation for more details.

Note: when backing up a Vista or Windows 7 computer, please use

 -h If the target system is Vista or higher, has the process
     run with the account's elevated token, if available.

Otherwise you will get a UAC (User Account Control) prompt that no one is able to answer.

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