Snapshot - Trialware Download

You are invited to test Snapshot, before you buy.

We offer you to download this Trial ware of Snapshot; check it at your leisure, and see if it can be useful to you and your company.
Only after verifying its functionality, you are required to buy it.

The Trial ware version has a built-in time limit of approx. 30 days, after which it won't backup any longer.
There are no other restrictions in the Trial ware version.

You are allowed to use Snapshot for a 30 day period, after which you must either BUY it, or stop using it.


Specifically in a corporate environment, where dozens or hundreds of computers must be backed up, the need to install software (and usually reboot it after installation), can be annoying.

Drive Snapshot does not require an installation.

It's sufficient to download SNAPSHOT.EXE  (about 350KByte) and to start it.

For pure 64-Bit Environments (WindowsPE and Windows64 Setup DVDs) you need the 64-bit SNAPSHOT64.EXE.
The normal 32-Bit Snapshot.exe runs on any version of Windows.

If you prefer a 'normal' installation, please download SETUP.EXE (about 3,5 MB).

SETUP copies Snapshot.exe into the \Programs directory, creates Start Menu entries, installs Help files (currently this website), and installs the necessary data to create a bootable DOS recovery diskette.

A complete Snapshot Setup requires about 2 MB free disk space.

Snapshot/Setup will NOT copy anything into your Windows or system directory.
Snapshot/Setup will NOT change anything in your system's configuration.
Everything necessary for Snapshot's operation will be dynamically done and undone.

Snapshot is intended to backup your computer in its present state, not to modify this state.

You need NOT to exit other programs to install Snapshot.

Just start it - and enjoy.

64Bit Recovery Environment

In 64 Bit Recovery environments (WindowsPE, BartPE, 64 Bit Win7 Setup) the 'normal' 32-bit Snapshot.exe doesn't work ('the required subsystem is missing' or similar). In these cases use the 64-bit Snapshot64.exe


System Requirements:

2 MB disk space for full installation.
15 MB memory when running.
Enough disk space for the backup data.
Administrative rights.

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