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Select the Volume to be saved

For each Partition, you see detailed Information.

Select the Drive you want to back up, then click Next 

Drive The usual Windows drive letter (C:, D:,...)
HD (HardDisk) The hard disk, which hosts this drive (in case you have more then one hard disk).
PartNo The Partition number and type, primary or logical
PartStart The Partition's location on the physical disk 
PartSize ...
and its size 
Label the volume's name
FS (FileSystem) is usually FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS
Size The size in the Partition that is used by the file system, regardless of how full the file system is.
Usually, it's slightly smaller then the Partsize above, and can never be larger.
However it's entirely legal to have a logical, used size much smaller then the available space in the partition.
Used The amount of used data, that will have to be saved
Free free space .
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